Curriculum Mapping in Google Sheets {Templates}

Over the last nine years, I have taught public school music through various classes at EVERY grade level, K-12.  Not once have I been given a curriculum to follow, the opportunity to purchase a music curriculum, or pacing guide of any form. Of the six different principals I have worked with, four requested lesson plans and it wasn’t until this past year that I was ever asked by my administration to do some self-mapping, reflecting, and planning for the future.

This request, while a bit overwhelming, was the first time I felt like I was being held accountable for a reason. Being held accountable for accountability’s sake does nothing. It is a burden and teachers know when the administration is just toeing the line for the appearance of meeting standards. Teachers do it, too. I know.  I’m a master at whipping up a special lesson plan for a planned observation that wouldn’t have happened organically otherwise.

The process of writing and mapping my own curriculum, which admittedly I would not have gone through of my own volition, opened my eyes to paths for growth in my classroom I had not previously seen, most of which began with my own personal teaching preferences and insecurities.  I’m really looking forward to using some of my time this summer to compare my curriculum map to the data collected and make some purposeful changes for next year.  With all my spare time, you know… between making snacks and wiping butts, of course.


Here is the exact CURRICULUM MAP I created for my Fall 2017 7th Grade General Music class. As you scroll through, you will notice that I have color coded each lesson, review, unit, assignment and assessment, and aligned each with the Indiana standards for general music.

Screenshot 2018-06-10 at 9.10.03 PM
Fall 2017 7th Grade General Music Curriculum Map Screenshot

Here is a BLANK CURRICULUM MAP for your own use. Make sure to click FILE, then MAKE A COPY in order to save and make changes to any of these templates.

Here is a copy of my 2017-18 STUDENT DATA.  I’ve removed all names from the left most column but kept the yellow highlighted rows to represent students with IEPs. Notice that I put the aligned assignments under each standard. Next year I plan to do away with the, “Exceeds-, Meets-, Does Not Meet- Expectations” for each standard and instead input pre- and post-test scores.

Screenshot 2018-06-10 at 9.14.13 PM.png
2017-18 General Music Student Data Screenshot

Let me know if you use any part of this and how it works out! If you have suggestions for improvement — I always want to know!


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