Interactive Worksheets in Google Slides {Editable Note Naming Slide}

I love creating simple activities for students in Google Slides.  Earlier this month I shared my Interactive Instrument Sort.  I had originally created this sort in Google Drawings then later transferred the idea to Slides.  I now keep a file full of one-slide activities that I pull from each year to create new, relevant hyperdocs in music class.

Here is one of my most simple music activities in Google Slides: Note Naming.  I will usually assign this with no instructions describing what notes to name, how many notes to place on each staff or order of notes required. I love to just tell the kids, “Whatever you think will be the best practice…” and see what they turn in.  More often than not, I’m surprised by the thoughtful approach kids take to such a simple activity.  I love getting creatively composed original songs from kids who take time to actually play out what they write or re-created well-known songs from others.  It is rare that I just get a scale and I love the differences that can come from something that seems so black and white.

Note Naming Gif

As always, let me know what you use and how you edit/combine these Slides to fit your classroom!  Enjoy!


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