Last Minute 9/11 Commemorative Music Hyperdoc {Editable Resource – Ready to Assign!}

Scrambling for a fulfilling, content-rich 9/11 activity for kids today? Here, try this: 9/11 Commemoration Music Hyperdoc.  Feeling risky? Just assign it in Google Classroom. All the content, videos, and assignment instructions are embedded in links throughout the document.

Sometimes I totally prepare meaningful and insightful lessons that align in multi-dimensions to standards across curricula and dates of significance ahead of time.  And sometimes I do it during my first period prep. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Oh well. I hope this reaches at least a few people today! I mean… you could always do this as a follow up later this week… 😉


Credit: I found this hyperdoc in the resources section of The Hyperdocs Girls’ website. It was submitted by Katie Latham as a resource for social studies but I made some modifications to the content to make it more appropriate for music.

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