QR Code Scavenger Hunt For Active Listening {Editable Activity}

Sometimes things get stale. French fries. Bagels. Chips. Lesson delivery.  And while there’s not much we can do about those first three, sometimes simply changing the medium by which we deliver content can overturn participation rates for an entire class. Enter: QR Codes.

I love throwing things into QR Codes. Any document, pdf, infographic, website, video —you name it. Display a QR Code at the front of your room someday and just dare kids to resist the urge to pull out their phones and scan it.
Screenshot 2019-04-01 at 9.38.13 PM
The activity below is not hugely important in the realm of general music standards or content. But it’s a fun way to get kids moving around and actively listening. Print the worksheets, hang the QR Codes around the room, and set the kids loose with their phones or devices. You’ll be surprised how many really enjoy roaming around the room listening to random music selections!


Download your copy of the Active Listening QR Code Scavenger Hunt HERE!

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